Thursday, September 17, 2009

'Akash 02' template

Today I am introducing a new template named 'Akash 02' template. This template is quite different from my early template 'Akash 01'. Akash 02 have not any image file on the navigation or post title or sidebar title background. So it will load quickly on slower internet connection.

Some Information:
  • Main Background Color is soft blue.
  • Post Background is white.
  • Read more... added
  • Dropdown menu will automatically resize of the corresponding column.
  • Label Search will not show full post. It will show only post title.
  • There are a 'Navigation Menubar' under the header. Adding link in here is easy. Learn the way from this post below.
  • There are a right sidebar.
  • 3 Column on Bottom.
  • A bigger footer column.

  • You can add "Google Adsense" anywhere in the blog body. Beside header, beside post body, sidebar, bottom column etc. That means this template is 'Adsense Ready'
  • 'Quote' color can be changed from default color and font settings.

You can change the colors from the default Color and Font changing options are:
  • Page BAckground Color
  • Text Color
  • Link Color
  • Blog Title Color
  • Blog Description Color
  • Post Title Color
  • Post Title Hover Color
  • Post Quote Color
  • Author Comment Background Color

  • Border Color
  • Sidebar Title Color
  • Post Date Color
  • Footer and Bottom Header Color
  • Sidebar Text Color
  • Visited Link Color
  • Template width: 885 px
  • Main post width: 570 px
  • Sidebar width: 305 px
Size of Bottom columns are:

  • Left column: 350 pixel
  • Middle column: 290 Pixel
  • Right column: 220 pixel
Download and Demo Here
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Key features:

  • 4 (Four) columns
  • Archive menu automatically change its size as like column's size
  • One sidebar on the left side of post
  • Two sidebars on right side of post
  • Template's outer wrapper size: 990 px
  • Post size: 468 px
  • Left sidebar size: 160 px
  • Right side bar (left) size: 172px
  • Right side bar (right) size: 173px
  • Details and Download Here
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Decoding the Ancient Script of the Indus Valley

Decoding the Ancient Script of the Indus Valley

By Ishaan Tharoor Tuesday, Sep. 01, 2009

A Harappan unicorn seal, dated 2400BC, from the ancient Indus Valley civilization that spread across part of modern India and Pakistan

A Harappan unicorn seal, dated 2400 B.C., from the ancient Indus Valley civilization that spread across part of what is now modern India and Pakistan

Randy Olson / Aurora Photos
The ancient cities of the Indus Valley belonged to the greatest civilization the world may never know. Since the 1920s, dozens of archaeological expeditions have unearthed traces of a 4,500-year-old urban culture that covered some 300,000 square miles in modern-day Pakistan and northwestern India. Digs at major sites such as Mohenjo-daro and Harappa revealed a sophisticated society whose towns had advanced sanitation, bathhouses and gridlike city-planning. Evidence of trade with Egypt and Sumer in Mesopotamia, as well as the presence of mining interests as far as Central Asia, suggests that the fertile Indus River basin could have been home to an empire larger and older than its more famous contemporaries in the Middle East.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unique template Ullas 2

This is a 3 Column unique template:

Key features:
  • Three columns
  • Sidebars on both side of post
  • Template outer wrapper size: 870 px
  • Post size: 500 px
  • Left sidebar size: 155 px
  • Right side bar size: 200px
You will get more info like download, demo here...
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Sample Text Box

This is sample text box. This text box is added here only for demonstration purpose. You can add any kind of gadget in this place. This box area size is 340 pixel. So, this is a larger place for your favorite gadgets.

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